What are the different checkout codes for rescues that you donate to?

Tri-State Basset Rescue use code TRISTATEBASSETS

All Hounds of Florida Rescue use code AHFL

use code HOUNDSPP

Wolfspirit rescue use code WOLFSPIRIT

Suncoast Basset Rescue use code SUNCOAST

Fixing the Boro use code BORO

How do we get a rescue on the donation list?

Just shoot us an email at theoriginalsassygirl@yahoo.com with the name of your rescue and their contact info and we will get them added!

Why won't my wood wick stay lit?

Keep your wood wick trimmed to about 1/8 of an inch. Also, make sure to remove old charred pieces from previous use. Wood wick candles like their wicks short and won't perform with a long wick. You may also have to hold your match or lighter to the side of the wood wick for an extra few seconds.

Why is my candle tunneling and how do I stop it from happening?

When burning your soy wax candle you should always allow for enough time to get a complete melt pool. Soy wax has a memory. If extinguished before a full melt pool it will continue to tunnel with each burn.

** A full melt pool is when the candle has been burned long enough for the melted wax to reach all sides of the candle container.